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A Trip Offshore in Naples

Idling out of Gordon’s Pass, the snook explode the surface of the water on the north side of the jetty. White herons and snowy egrets stake out pieces of the riprap. The snook push the schools of bait up along the jetty. The birds spear the scared baits that jump out of the water from the charging fish underneath the surface. A soft warm easterly breeze cuts the cool of the morning. This is the beginning of a beautiful morning in southwest Florida on the coast. The sun creeping up through the tree line of mangroves. A “grape fruit“ red morning sun. Coconut palms silhouetted all along the beach of Naples white sands and still waters. The boat purrs south at two hundred and ten degrees. A wake of purplish blue water rolls out from behind her stern. A fading trail of frothy bubbles glow neon white in the early morning sun. Rafts of cigar minnows and thread fins “shake” on the surface. Continue reading A Trip Offshore in Naples