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Fishing Report: Flamingo, Florida April 06 2013

Heading out at the break of dawn was a wise choice as fishing stalled within 3 hours of sun up. That being said, this fishing report will show that it was a fun filled 3 hours. With some playful Jack’s, a trout, but most importantly the Snook were biting and big Tarpon were all are around. Unfortunately, after having battled the biggest Snook of the day the severely frayed 10lb test simply gave under the light touch of my finger tips. He slowly swam away and I was a little disappointed as to not have had the opportunity to get a good look at him. However, I am sure he will be fine and will fight another day. After the sunrise festivities, I started paddling further out and around into Snake Bight, here I caught a good head wind, but decided to fight it for a straight hour paddle so I could drift fish my way back. Of course the wind wound up being too fast for this and I wound up sailing right back out at too high a speed to correctly work my baits. On the hook back around to a wind safe zone was where I first noticed some active Tarpon herding schools of mullet. I gave them a long and hard attempt, but top waters and jigs were just of no interest to them.

Fishing report Flamingo Florida

As the day wound down, the Tarpon stayed active, but nothing else was interested in either the hard or soft baits. Though, I had one big channel hit with about three straight drag pulls that got off before it even made a splash (DOA Shrimp). My opinion is that this was a good size Red, though I cannot confirm that for this fishing report. The only other thing to note was the fact that this was one day after some hairy weather, so the water was dirty with loose natural debris. With this, it was nearly impossible to bring back a hard bait clean. Twice I had those Snooky yellow fins appear right behind my bait just as the bait caught some sea weed.. and those fins would slowly sink away. One last attempt on the camp ground side of Flamingo was made, here is where I stretched my legs and I did some wade fishing. Tarpon again all around pushing mullet towards shore, and again – no interest in what I had to offer. A final Lady fish hook up sealed the fate of the day and I headed home. Final opinion for right now, fish dawn and fish dusk – It’s worth every penny of effort to get out there, even just for these short periods.

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