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Predator MX and Predator 13

Predator MX and 13

The Predator series of fishing kayaks comes in two forms, the Predator MX and the Predator 13. The MX measures in at 12′ in length with a 34″ width and weigh in at 68 lbs. This allows for a load capacity of 375-400lbs to include the angler and gear. The Predator 13 comes to bat with a 13′ 2″ length, a 33.5″ width, and 4lbs heaver than the MX. However, the load capacity increases by 25 more lbs. The price difference between the two Predator kayaks is going to be $100.

Since it’s official release (this article has been re-written some, as we were first on the scene with leaked information), the differences in these kayaks has become a little greater. Only the Predator 13 comes with the Mod Pod storage cover, the transducer scupper, and we noted rudder capabilities molded into the 13 in the images that are not mentioned in the description.

Predator MX Series Fishing Kayak

Both versions of the kayak share most of the same features, with the Predator 13 ringing in a couple more than the MX. Seating in these new angling machines will consist of a new “Element Seating System.” This seating system is a raised seating platform that allows the angler to go from a lower paddle position, to a higher fishing position, to completely flipping out of the way for stand up fishing and poling. Standing and poling are made easier with the tri hull design of these craft and Old Town states that the LT900 polyethylene construction is far superior than that of most kayaks on the market right now. The decking surface employs a slip resistant “Exo-Ridge” design that is not just for traction, it contains pathways for water to escape under your loaded gear – helping to keep your stuff dry in conjunction with standard scupper holes.

For rigging, the kayaks includes 6 removable mounting plates to allow for a lot of customization without having to drill into your main kayak body. For your rods there are two side mount rod bungees that work in conjunction with the dual tip rod holders located at the bow. There is a large capacity well that boasts easy access and more “Exo-Ridge” to aid in keeping gear dry or at least not soaking in water. The description for this well includes uses such as a place to store gear, a cooler, or a trolling motor battery.

Other included options are a paddle clip, molded in paddle rest, a large bow hatch with a click and seal cover, dual tackle holders, a mod pod center hatch (13 only), and stand up assist straps. The Predator 13 also comes equipped with a Humminbird® Transducer Scupper while the MX does not. Other mounts and accessories will also be available from Old town which includes the “Steady Stand Bar” and a few other universal items. The Predator MX MSRP is $1199 and the Predator 13 MSRP is $1299. Check out the main website Predator Kayak and the Old Town site for more up to date information.

Updates Since Official Release

**These updates have been written into the article above, but for those of us tracking the information here are the additions.

The MX images do not show passages or threaded inserts for a rudder set up, but the 13 does. The rear drain plug is also in different locations on both models. A rudder option or these molded in components are not mentioned in either description.

The 13 is the only one with the Humminbird® Transducer Scupper and the Center Console with Mod Pod Cover.

New Video

Kayak Shark Encounter and Isaac Brumaghim

Kayak Shark Encounter

The kayak shark encounter is spreading like wild fire between Isaac Brumaghim and the shark that leapt for his catch. When the original screen grab images were first posted on Facebook Isaac’s friends claimed that this was going to go viral. 24 hours later, everything from kayak fan pages, kayak angler websites, local news, and even CNN have covered this story. A Kayak shark encounter is one of those things many offshore and inshore kayaker anglers have had surprise them at one time or another. But the absolute massive size and well.. air time of Isaac’s encounter is the type of thing no one expects to see. This is the first warning from all friends and family who know a saltwater kayak angler, “But, what about the sharks?” Well, yeah, they exits, but Isaac is showing what kayak angling is all about for the hardcore kayaker with his obvious exhilaration as the moment sets in. This is part of the adventure and yes, part of the danger.

The Video

Isaac Brumaghim

Who is Isaac Brumaghim? We have a pending interview request with him, and hopefully after all the major media interview requests are done we will be able to allow Isaac to get to share his own words with us. What we do know of Isaac is that he is a dedicated kayak angler out of Hawaii. He helps locally support the sport through his affiliation with Aquahunters. Isaac from Aquahunters after the kayak shark encounterAside from the personal excitement and life long memory for Isaac as a result of the kayak shark encounter, one of the best side effects is going to be exposure for Aquahunters. Aquahunters is known for having world class kayak anglers within their ranks. They locally support events, tournaments, and spread compassion and respect for the sea.

“Our mission is to promote, expand, and advance the great sport of kayak fishing in Hawaii and the world, with integrity and respect for our ocean resources. We will become stewards of the sea and Hawaii’s fishing culture.” – Aquahunters

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