Experience Cocoa Beach from an Entirely New Perspective with Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Experience Cocoa Beach Stand Up Paddle Boarding

When visiting Cocoa Beach and the Indian River Lagoon on vacation or a one-day getaway from Orlando, you may stop to wonder how you can see some of the area’s pristine spots without creating much disturbance. Power boats and Jet skis can be noisy and scare off the wild critters you would like to catch a glimpse of.

Kayaking is one option, but sitting almost flat in that small of a craft for very long wouldn’t be very pleasant for you. Enter stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, which can best be defined as a cross between a surfboard and a kayak. The user basically stands on something quite similar to a surfboard and uses a paddle to propel him through the water.

Although the idea of standing and paddling has been around for hundreds of years, the modern sport of stand up paddle boarding originated out of Hawaii as an alternative form of surfing. In the modern era, the sport really began taking off after 2005 when SUP was brought to the mainland U.S. The first production SUPs were brought to market in 2006 by two California entrepreneurs and stand up paddling enthusiasts.

Stand up paddle boarding doesn’t require a big investment in equipment to enjoy…

You can also experience cocoa beach paddleboarding with low cost stand up paddleboard rentals.

Getting Started Paddleboarding (SUP) in Cocoa Beach

Part of the reason stand up paddle boarding has enjoyed the level of interest it has is because of the relatively low investment required to enjoy the sport. To begin exploring the waters around Cocoa Beach, all you need to have is the following:

* Stand up paddle board – the most significant item in terms of cost, the paddle board itself closely resembles a surf board. If you’ve never been on a paddle board, you’ll want to start out with a wider board for stability. More experienced stand up paddlers and surfers prefer a narrower board for maneuverability.

* Paddle – the other critical piece for enjoying paddle boarding, a good paddle will have a slight angle or “elbow” about a 1/3 of the way down the shaft to maximize efficiency. You should also have a paddle that’s at least 6 to 8 inches taller than you, with some manufacturers recommending 8 to 10.

* Leash – chances are you’re going to fall off your paddle board a few times, which is why a leash is a critical safety item to have. The board floats, so as long as you’re attached to it, you will be safe from drowning.

* Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – last but not least, you will need to wear a vest, at least if you’re out exploring the waters around Cocoa Beach or anywhere else in Florida.

* A bathing suit or wet suit – a bathing suit is fine during most of the year, but during the winter months, you’ll want to make sure you have a thicker, whole body wet suit.

While equipping yourself won’t break the bank, there are many rental outfits, including Calypso Kayaking in Cocoa Beach, where you can learn stand up paddle boarding and find local knowledge on the best places to go.

Get an entirely new perspective of the Indian River Lagoon, Banana River and other treasures around Cocoa Beach…

The Best in Cocoa Beach Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

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Final Thoughts on Cocoa Beach Stand Up Paddleboarding

Besides the low entry cost, stand up paddle boarding also provides a different perspective of the area you’re passing through.

Although you can see things on the shoreline in a motor boat or Jet Ski, they are awfully noisy and don’t really allow you to coast in and see things underwater. A kayak is certainly quieter, but you’re sitting down low across the water and can’t see anything underneath you.

Stand up paddle boarding tours on the other hand gives you 360-degree view of all of your surroundings, including what’s under you. Spot fish like trout and redfish, or even get close to a gentle sea cow (a.k.a. Florida Manatee).

Of course, as you get more comfortable with a paddle board, you can also use it for surfing or cruising waters in the Atlantic at Cocoa Beach. To learn more about how you can try this easy, safe and exciting sport, contact Calypso Kayaking to schedule your Cocoa Beach and Indian River Lagoon excursion today.

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