Picture of caught Barracuda at Black Point Marina Grass Flats

Fishing Report: Black Point Marina May 23 2013

I thought today, a last minute idea, had all the makings to be a great one out of Black Point Marina. On the water at 6 am, sunrise at 630 am, and high tide at 740 am. That is the ideal scenario for me when going skinny water. Black Point in itself is hit or miss.. mostly miss. But, if history is an indicator, the above ingredients should have led to an active bay – or at least vastly increased odds for Tarpon, Snook, and Trout. However, I spent 6 hours stalking and casting to every square inch of this area without a single hit, no activity was found, no mullet, no nothing. Well, except the occasional wandering dolphin.

Usually, hitting the water with tides and dawn nearly coinciding it is time for top water action. So my first trial was running my top water along every edge and crevice in the immediate bay. The only action I saw was some over zealous needle fish. I then switched to my mullet colored Mirr-O-Lure with red hooks/eyes, and headed to my Tarpon area. In this area that lure always brings them up, but gain.. hours spent and no takers. I then again switched to another sub surface bait with a pink belly and worked all the mangrove lines and drifted across the grass flats several times.. again, no takers.

Finding myself digging into my flats box and decided to pull out a DOA Terror Eyez in gray/black. This at least mimicked what little schools of fish there were on the breeding grounds. Worked and worked, but this lure sank too quick, and 80% of the retrieves came up dirty. I then switch to my clear and red glitter DOA Shrimp, this always attracts hits, and it did. The hits unfortunately were Pin Fish who couldn’t fit on that hook if they tried, and they did try.

Now feeling the need to leave and park myself on the couch in the comforts of home I headed back towards the launch. I threw my pink belly sub surface off the back of the kayak and slow trolled it across the grass flats. In the middle I foul hooked a Pin Fish and just decided to leave the lure up the rest of the way. At the final area before the mangrove tunnel I did see a school of 15-20 Barracuda averaging from 12 – 24 inches. I grabbed the pink belly and gave it a toss. This worked and I pulled up one in the 20 inch range. I tried a repeat for a few minutes, but they had moved on.. as did I.

Map of C:\Users\Dade Digital\Desktop\Black_Point_Marina_North_Side_Grass_Flats.png

Launch Location:

24775 SW 87 Avenue
Miami, FL

Park: Sunrise – Sunset
Office: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., seven days a week
Marina: Open 24 hours
Boat Ramp: Open 24 hours

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