GearTrac tackle Box Holder

GearTrac Tackle Box Holder

GearTrac Tackle Box Holder

After falling in love with the Plano 4600 tackle storage system due to its unique design and ability to hold everything I need for whatever type of fishing I choose to do that day, I found myself wanting to tackle one more thing – I wanted to stop fumbling around with passing my tackle box back and forth from storage to lap. I did some looking around for something to re-purpose or apply to fixing the box right near me in the cockpit, but that also allowed me to remove it at the end of the day. I found myself developing the GearTrac tackle box holder.

I went shopping at YakAttack and purchased a GT90-12 GearTrac and MMS Mighty Mount Track Mount Kit. I simply drilled a couple of holes into the Plano 4600 and bolted the Mighty Mounts directly to the bottom of the box. I then screwed the GearTrac to the center console of my OK Trident ULtra 4.7. What I ended up with is exactly what I needed. A GearTrac tackle box holder that was right where I needed it, wouldn’t flop around the cockpit, wouldn’t go overboard, and would be removable. I tested this for the first time during the Extreme Kayak May Madness offshore fishing tournament, and the performance was flawless and tackle organization and access has never been so simplified on my kayak. If your interested in the details of how I did this, I have created a GearTrac tackle box holder DIY below.

GearTrac tackle box holder DIY

I gathered the necessary materials, including a silicon sealer.

Materials for making the GearTrac tackle box holder

I then aligned the GearTrac into the desired position. In my case I cannot reach the back of the mounting area, so I set the GearTrac hardware aside and used some coarse thread screws. I marked the locations for the screws and drilled pilot holes. I then dabbed each pilot hole with silicon sealer.

GearTrac tackle box holder track installation

I then laid the GearTrac down and screwed in my hardware. The sealer not only seals the mating surface but it also squeezes out through the hardware itself. While this sets up I head of to connect the Mighty Mount Track Mount Kit to my Plano 4600 tackle box. If you flip the Plano 4600 over it actually has perfect areas in the molding to align the mounts. Sliding the mount up from the edge until it reaches the first ridge in the bottom of the Plano 4600 is actually a perfect location for depth. This allows enough bite to properly secure the box, but it also leaves enough room up top to turn the Might Mount GearTrac handle. There is also a center groove in the Plano 4600 which makes it easy to eye ball center.

Mighty Mount GearTrac mount align to tackle box

I taped this into position so I could mark the holes and drill for the hardware. In this case the hardware that comes with the Mighty Mounts will work for this. I also applied silicon sealer to these holes as well, and then tightened the assembly together.

Mighty Mount mounted and sealed

This is repeated on the other end and that’s it – Your done. I let everything set up for a bit and then performed a test fit. It simply slides on and locks into place. I tested this set up for the first time offshore to include a rough beach launch and beach exit. I never contacted the GearTrac tackle box holder assembly during cockpit exit or entry. I found it absolutely spectacular that everything I needed was right there. I had also attached a very large and wide rubber band around the box. I used this to hold all my pre-made leaders that were in zip-loc bags. I have since gone back country and that day was slow. With slow comes lots of lure changes, and again the beauty of having this right at my finger tips all day long has continued to prove itself as a smart move. I have already purchased a second Plano 4600 and will shortly order another Mighty Mount GearTrac kit to make a permanent box for offshore and one for inshore. Slip on, lock down, and enjoy the day!

GearTrac tackle box holder assembly

GearTrac tackle box holder assembly

GearTrac tackle box holder assembly


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