GoPro Anti Fog

GoPro Anti Fog that Actually Works

GoPro Anti Fog

Using a GoPro while kayak fishing is probably the number one way anglers use to record their catches and record rod bending action. Unfortunately, hours of video can be lost due to the lens fogging up. I see anglers left with blurry screen grabs and pictures, and I have personally lost a lot of footage do to this over the years. I have tried GoPro Anti Fog inserts, all the tricks I can find online, and every home remedy I have ever read. The results are always the same, a fogged out lens. Perhaps there is some clout in all those remedies online and I just happen to be in a bad climate for any of them. I had just learned to live with this line of thinking until one day I tried something new.GoPro Anti Fog

I had this bottle of Meguiar’s Quik Detailer that I used on our cars for quick touch ups, I decided to spray some on the GoPro lens, and give it a go as a GoPro Anti Fog. Well, three straight day long trips since the initial application, and guess what? Hasn’t fogged yet. Here is what I did: I just used a piece of paper towel and squirted some of the Quik Detailer on it. I rubbed it on the inside of the case lens and the outside. It goes on clear, but you should see some residue. Let this dry completely and then I buffed it out with a fresh piece of paper towel. I used a lens cleaner cloth after that to get the fibers out.

I didn’t expect this to actually work, but it has worked so well I have completely forgotten that a fogging lens was ever a problem. Though I am thinking that after three full runs in salt conditions it is probably time to use my GoPro Anti Fog magic juice once again to maintain the performance I have been receiving. Give it a shot, it will work for you and your GoPro. The next time out fishing will not be a fogging mess of ruined footage.

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