Kayak Shark Encounter

Kayak Shark Encounter and Isaac Brumaghim

Kayak Shark Encounter

The kayak shark encounter is spreading like wild fire between Isaac Brumaghim and the shark that leapt for his catch. When the original screen grab images were first posted on Facebook Isaac’s friends claimed that this was going to go viral. 24 hours later, everything from kayak fan pages, kayak angler websites, local news, and even CNN have covered this story. A Kayak shark encounter is one of those things many offshore and inshore kayaker anglers have had surprise them at one time or another. But the absolute massive size and well.. air time of Isaac’s encounter is the type of thing no one expects to see. This is the first warning from all friends and family who know a saltwater kayak angler, “But, what about the sharks?” Well, yeah, they exits, but Isaac is showing what kayak angling is all about for the hardcore kayaker with his obvious exhilaration as the moment sets in. This is part of the adventure and yes, part of the danger.

The Video

Isaac Brumaghim

Who is Isaac Brumaghim? We have a pending interview request with him, and hopefully after all the major media interview requests are done we will be able to allow Isaac to get to share his own words with us. What we do know of Isaac is that he is a dedicated kayak angler out of Hawaii. He helps locally support the sport through his affiliation with Aquahunters. Isaac from Aquahunters after the kayak shark encounterAside from the personal excitement and life long memory for Isaac as a result of the kayak shark encounter, one of the best side effects is going to be exposure for Aquahunters. Aquahunters is known for having world class kayak anglers within their ranks. They locally support events, tournaments, and spread compassion and respect for the sea.

“Our mission is to promote, expand, and advance the great sport of kayak fishing in Hawaii and the world, with integrity and respect for our ocean resources. We will become stewards of the sea and Hawaii’s fishing culture.” – Aquahunters

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2 thoughts on “Kayak Shark Encounter and Isaac Brumaghim”

    1. Thanks for the reply, and yes, Isaac’s encounter goes beyond the average shark steal. He really came close, twice.. but it worked out and as random as it seems I am sure instincts played a big role here.

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