Overview of the Ultraskiff Round Boat

The modern-day round boat isn’t something that’s new per se. The idea has been around for centuries in fact, with the round boat, or coracle, serving a vital transportation and food gathering role in past centuries in Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

These round crafts are still used in certain parts of the Middle East and Asia for the same purpose.

In the west though, modern-day coracles like the Ultraskiff are much more sophisticated than their predecessors.

First, rotationally molded plastic not only makes the round boat light, it makes it leak proof as well since there are no points where water can leak in.

This is just one of many features of the modern-day round boat that make them an appealing and affordable option for freshwater anglers and general water enthusiasts.

Check out our brief overview of the Ultraskiff to learn more about specifications and features you can expect find on this modern-day round boat.

  • Weight = 123 pounds 
  • Dimensions = 72 inches (diameter); 20 inches (height) 
  • Material = Rotationally molded polyethylene plastic 
  • Storage = The Ultraskiff includes three storage compartments that are deep and wide. When opened, the doors can also serve as a cutting board for bait. Slots on the sides of each door allow the user to feed wires and ropes and keep the doors closed and the deck free of a potential trip hazard. The Ultraskiff also includes four smaller pockets for holding small items like a cell phone. 
  • Battery compartment = The Ultraskiff also includes an additional compartment specially designed to hold a Class 31 deep cycle battery. 
  • Cleats/rod holders = Cleats on board the Ultraskiff can be threaded underneath and interchanged to include rod holders, fish finders or other equipment. The Ultraskiff also includes 6 rod holders that are equally spaced apart that can double as a duck blind if the boat is being used for hunting. 
  • Carrying handles = The Ultraskiff includes two deep “mold-in” handles for lifting and carrying the boat. 
  • Strap guides = These 8 guides around the outside of the Ultraskiff provide flexibility in how an owner transports their boat. They can either load the boat in the back of a pickup or strap it securely to the top of their car or on their RV. These strap guides also allow a user to haul their Ultraskiff in a cargo carrier attached to an RV or SUV.
  • Bumper/roll bar = A bar running along the side of the Ultraskiff provides protection for the boat if the owner is rolling or sliding their boat around, or if they bump into a piling or dock when in the water. 
  • Drainage canal = This feature keeps the boat dry and afloat by allowing any water to drain into a tunnel and out the back of the boat. The canal also allows the owner to feed wires to the pedestal mount. 
  • Rear motor mount = A rear transom on the Ultraskiff allows the owner to mount an electric trolling motor or very small gas motor to the back of their boat. This allows the user to get to out of the way places quickly, easily and safely. 
  • Pedestal mount = This detachable part of the Ultraskiff is not included but is required if the owner wants to have a seat on their round boat. The base, post and chair must be purchased separately at a retailer like Bass Pro Shops, West Marine or any other store selling boating equipment. Ultraskiff does provide stainless steel hardware needed for affixing the pedestal mount and post to the boat.

Besides its advanced materials, storage compartments and ease by which it can be carried and transported, perhaps the biggest advantage of the Ultraskiff and similar round boat models is its stability.

Being able to stay afloat in sometimes rough waters is key to having a good day fishing or out on the water.

One reason the Ultraskiff is so stable is that its outer deck is angled, which gives the boat a lower center of gravity. Instead of forcing you to lean backwards like you would on a flat surface boat, the Ultraskiff’s design lifts the user’s toes upwards, which shifts weight to their heels. What ends up happening is your center of gravity is brought back to the center of the boat. Therefore, the farther a user steps toward the edge of the boat, the higher it lifts the foot and helps the user’s stability.

While the design of the Ultraskiff provides incredible stability, it also provides for easy storage and better drainage.

The Ultraskiff and similar round boats are ideal for someone looking for an inexpensive yet safe way to enjoy activities on the water. Click here to learn more about these round boats today!

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