Size Matters Trout Tournament!

Size Matters Trout Tournament!

Size Matters

The Size Matters Trout Tournament! this past weekend was a good success with over 30 kayak anglers showing up to assess their trout catching skills. The tournament was a catch, photo, and release with onsite judging. Prizes were given to anglers with the largest single fish photographed, and a special prize was awarded for the smallest trout recorded. This was dubbed the “Guppy Award” and though the position did not pay out cash, it did offer the angler a unique Guppy Award trophy, and miniature fishing rod gag gift, and a free Hibiki Bait Stick donated by The Clever Angler (

The Guppy Award Ceremony recipient.

The day of fishing itself did hold some challenges. A steady head wind, sun and heat, and tide finicky trout. Though small trout could be had all day, the larger trout did not seem to arrive on seen until the tide started moving in across the grass flats in front of Bird Key. Other fish were on scene including decent sized Jack’s and even a large barracuda that smacked my rod against the side of my kayak just before breaking the 12 lb mono.

This was the first of many tournaments to come from event planner and coordinator Tom K. (aka. Trout Killer). Tom did not fish and instead spent the day preparing barbequed food and icing down drinks that he donated himself. The next tournament scheduled is still to be announced, but I can highly recommend Tom’s future tournaments to anyone from novice to pro. Keep an eye on our events page for the next kayak fishing tourny.

Top fish were in the 22-24″ range. While one angler had a winning 25″ fish, with witnesses, but a corrupt camera file when it came time for judging. The Guppy Award was won with a 9″ trout.

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