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Spotted Seatrout or “Specks” – An Overview of this Staple Fish

Orlando fishing charters discuss the spotted seatrout, a popular game fish for Orlando fishing charters and general anglers in the Indian River Lagoon

Known by veteran anglers as a “Speck,” the speckled or spotted sea trout (Cynoscion nebulosus) is one of the most common inshore fish found all throughout Florida. Many Orlando fishing charters like pursuing the Spotted Seatrout, especially for patrons with little to no fishing experience since they’re not too big and can be easily handled. They’re also one of the easiest fish to reach, meaning anglers can wade or paddle as well as motor to grass flats where the Specks stay.

The reason it’s called a “speck” is because of the hundreds of black spots on the sides and top fins of the fish.

While they don’t provide as vigorous a fight as the Redfish, the Speckled Sea Trout does provide an incredibly tasty meal.

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