Kayak Angler Highlights May 2013

This Month: Cobia and Wahoo, Gulf Coast Style

Every month we will showcase some of the best and most notable catches from the kayak fishing world. Kayak anglers who do it big on what is probably one of the most technically complicated platforms on the fishing planet.

Our opening month could not start much better than this. We have two members from Team Primus out of Navarre Beach, Florida who prove to do it big and in pairs. These anglers truly Yak Hard!

55″ 70lb Cobia55" 70lb Cobia

Angler: Doug Richardson aka YAKNTAT
Fishing Team: Team Primus (Kayak Wars)
Video: YouTube
Location: Navarre, Florida
Reel: Penn 550 Spinfisher
Rod: St. Croix Mojo Inshore heavy
Line: 50lb Power Pro
Leader: 40lb Flouro
Bait: Pink 3oz Bucktail jig, tip with a piece of hardtail

From the Angler:
Caught in 60ft of water 1 1/2 miles off the beach on natural bottom.

54″ 36lb Wahoo

Kayak Fishing Wahoo

Angler: Robert “Ginzu” Long
Fishing Team: Team Primus (Kayak Wars)
Location: Navarre Beach, FL
Reel: Calcutta TE 401
Rod: 7’6” St. Croix Mojo Inshore Heavy Power
Line: 30lb Power Pro Slick
Leader: 40lb Wire on King Rig
Bait: Dead Cigar Minnow

From the Angler:
I rolled out this morning to get a little time on the water, since I have to work an evening shift today. I had visions of landing another Cobia after seeing my boy’s slob from yesterday. Well, it didn’t take long. I had a 25lb Cobia decide to hit my Yozuri deep diver after I got out past the second bar. Fought a short fight and had him yak side. Hit him with the gaff and he flips out doing the gator roll. In the process he slips off the gaff and bent out the treble on the lure and off he swam. I was livid. Cussing at no one for hours. Pulled up one trophy snapper on a spot, then moved to another pulling the only live bait I had, a big hardtail. Well somehow he wiggles off, so now I am stuck pulling nasty cigsicles I had. On the way to our famed Trigger hole I see some birds working the water pretty hard. I start heading that way when I notice an odd thump on the King rig. Bout to get even more upset cause I figured it was remora time. Pick up the pole and start to move a little more when I feel deadweight grab the bait. It felt substantial, so I did my Bass fisherman impression and set the hook as hard as I could. That’s when shit hit the fan. 200 yds of line came off my spool in seconds. I could see smoke coming out of the reel. I start hauling ass towards the fish to try and catch up. The only time I have ever seen line move that fast was when I accidentally hooked flipper. 15 minutes I’m working this fish. I take some line and he hauls ass again. All this time I had no idea what it could be. There was no jumping and I couldn’t see color till he came along side the yak. When I did finally see him, all I saw were stripes. Big stripes! I’m kinda upset that my main GoPro didn’t start recording when I hit the button. But I did get footage from my front camera right when I landed him. You will get a chuckle out of my antics. I got a little overzealous in my celebrating. 36lbs and 54″.I don’t know if this year can get any better, but it’s been a hell of a ride so far!
Tight Lines!

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