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VIDEO: 36lb Wahoo Caught from Kayak

Angler Robert Long’s footage of the Gulf Coast Wahoo catch that recently got him featured on Yak Hard’s Catch of the Week. As far as we can tell, this is the first Gulf side kayak landing of a Wahoo and Robert Long’s excitement is well seen in this video. His excitement is not just over that accomplishment, it is not just over the size of the fish, but you can add that to the tally that lies beneath the real excitement of this being his first Wahoo. Way to go Robert!

This is footage of me landing my first ever Wahoo. Makes it even better that I did it from my Hobie Pro Angler. The fish hit a Kingfish rig I was trolling in 70ft of water 2 miles offshore in Navarre Beach, FL. He made some outstanding runs that had my Shimano Calcutta screaming. Filmed with a HD GoPro 2.

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