VIDEO: Catching a Shark in a Kayak

I was running a live Pinfish out during a high tide rush on a flat in Islamorada, Florida when the rod tip took a few big dips. I set the hook, and see the long sleek body of a roughly 5 foot Lemon shark splash in shock at the surface and then the runs began. I was initially staked out into the mud, but the stake was ripped out nearly as soon as he hit. I then dropped my anchor to avoid a huge sleigh ride, but this did nothing to keep him from dragging me and the anchor around the entire bay. Then worried about getting tangled in the anchor line, I pulled that back in. He stayed in 1-3 feet of water for nearly the whole fight, but for the last 10 minutes he found a channel and went straight down to the bottom of it. Running on 20lb mono and a 50lb fluro leader, with no wire, made this particular shark catch rather significant for my books.


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